Times That It's a Good Idea to Buy Used Tires

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Times That It's a Good Idea to Buy Used Tires

10 August 2016
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When you're shopping for tires for your vehicle, your initial instinct may be to buy brand-new tires. While this is a good idea, you might occasionally find yourself in a situation in which used tires are worthy of consideration, too. Used tires are generally less expensive than their newer counterparts, which can make sense if you're on a budget. However, there are more reasons to browse through the used models at your local tire shop than just doing so because your finances are tight. Remember, when you're considering used tires, make sure to shop at a reputable retailer, as these businesses make sure that all their used products are safe. The same can't be said when you buy off places such as a classified ad site. Here are some times when you should consider buying used tires.

You'll Be Selling the Vehicle Shortly

If you plan on selling the vehicle in the near future, you obviously want to minimize your spending on it. However, you shouldn't do anything that compromises your safety, such as continuing to drive on tires that are worn out. So, if you find your tires bald and know that you're getting rid of the car in three months, it's a smart idea to buy used tires to help you save some money. Remember, used tires aren't worn out; used tires can possess a significant amount of tread depth, which is something prospective buyers will view favorably.

You Don't Put on a Lot of Miles

While there's nothing wrong with buying new tires if you drive minimally, it can be a good idea to browse the used selection at your local tire shop. However, if you seldom pull your car out of your driveway, it's worthwhile to limit your automotive-related spending, and opting for used tires is an effective way to meet this goal.

Your Vehicle Is Leased

When you drive a leased vehicle, you'll likely always have the return date in mind. If you need to replace one or more tires and are well in advance of the return date, buying new tires with plenty of tread depth is probably your best option. However, if you're fast approaching the return date, used tires will allow you to spend less on a vehicle that will soon be back at the dealership. Dealers won't penalize you for returning the vehicle on worn-out tires unless they are too worn out, so you should consider buying the least expensive used tires that you can find for the vehicle.

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