5 Tips To Determine When To Replace Your Tires

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5 Tips To Determine When To Replace Your Tires

13 September 2016
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At some point, replacing your car tires is a must. This will ensure that you drive smoothly on the road and are less likely to be involved in a collision. However, it can be difficult to determine when your tires actually need to be replaced, which is why so many drivers drive with bad tire quality on the road. Here are five tips to help you determine when your tires need to be replaced:

  1. Use the Penny Test:  Every once in a while, it's a good idea to utilize the penny test. The penny test is going to help you determine whether or not your tires have enough tread. Tread on the tires is extremely important because they allow your vehicle to maintain traction with the road, which creates a smoother drive and the ability to come to a complete stop more quickly. To use the penny test, simply take a penny and if the tread does not reach Abraham Lincoln's head, then you need new tires. 
  2. Think About the Age: It's important to keep track of how old your tires are. If you have recently purchased a used vehicle, be sure that you know when the tires were last replaced. Most tire shops will recommend that you replace the tires every 6 years or so and even sooner than that if you live in an area that deals with extreme heat during the summer or icy roads during the winter. 
  3. Look for Cracks: Another important thing to check for every once in a while is whether or not the tires have cracks. Cracks are a sign of significant wear and tear and you are going to need to replace them. If you don't replace them, you are more susceptible to air leakage, which reduces the MPG of your vehicle and can lead to a tire blowout. This is extremely dangerous, especially when driving at higher speeds on the freeway. 
  4. Check for Blisters: Another sign of heavy wear and tear are blisters. This is when the rubber of the tires begins to bulge out. Eventually, this is going to pop and lead to a tire blowout, as well. It's better to replace your tires as soon as you notice this problem. 
  5. Notice the Smoothness of Your Drive: Finally, be sure that you take notice of how smooth your drive is every time you get behind the wheel. If the tires seem to be driving roughly on the road, it's a sign that you need new tires. At least have them inspected at this point to determine if this is truly the problem. 

When you consider these five tips for when to replace your tires, you can be sure that you are always doing it at the right time. When your tires need replacing go to a place like Bob's Tire Service.