Things To Consider When Buying Track Tires For Your Performance Vehicle

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Things To Consider When Buying Track Tires For Your Performance Vehicle

11 April 2023
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Are you a race car enthusiast looking for the best track tires for your vehicle? There are many things to consider when buying track tires like Pirelli race tires, and choosing the right ones can make a huge difference in your racing performance. 

Tire Size and Type

You need to choose the right tire size and type for your vehicle. This can depend on the size of your rims and the type of track you will be racing on. 

You should also consider the vehicle you have, as different models may require different types of tires. Weight, suspension, and other modifications can change how the tires fit and if they rub anywhere under the car.

Some brands, like Pirelli race tires, are DOT (Department of Transportation) approved for street use, and others are not, so consider how you will get the tires or car to the track once you install them.

Tread Pattern

The tire tread pattern is also an important consideration when purchasing track tires. Tires designed for racing will have a different tread pattern than those designed for everyday driving. 

Look for tires with a pattern that provides optimal grip and traction on the specific type of track you will be racing on. Pirelli race tires will often have a much different tread pattern for oval track tires than you will find on their autocross tires, and the grip can change significantly.

Tire Compound

Tire compounds vary depending on the manufacturer and type of tire. Race tires are made using a softer rubber compound, which provides better traction on the track but wears down more quickly. 

It is essential to choose a tire compound that matches the track conditions you will be racing on and your driving style. Brands like Pirelli racing tires or Toyo Proxes race tires may have proprietary rubber compounds that give one the edge over the other, so it is essential to discuss the differences with a racing tire retailer or manufacturer.

Tire Construction

Tire construction is critical to consider when buying track tires. Tires with a stiffer sidewall provide better handling, while those with a softer sidewall can be more forgiving of mistakes. You should also consider the type of construction, such as a radial or bias-ply tire, as this can affect your vehicle's handling and overall performance.

Often Pirelli race tires for autocross will have very short sidewalls that are strong and have very little flex to them. However, the same manufacturer may build tires like drag racing tires that have much more flexible sidewalls to allow them to flex as power is sent to the drive wheels.