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Choosing Tire And Rim Upgrades For Your Truck

Hello, my name is Peter. Welcome to my site about upgrading your tire and rim size. My first truck was sitting on stock tires and rims when I bought it. The stock components did little for the appearance of my vehicle. I wanted my truck to look tough and easily traverse bumpy roads, so I decided to install larger tires and rims. The upgrade instantly improved my vehicle in an amazing number of ways. My site will help you identify the best tire and rim size to choose for your favorite truck so that you can improve the aesthetics and handling.


Times That It’s a Good Idea to Buy Used Tires

10 August 2016
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When you're shopping for tires for your vehicle, your initial instinct may be to buy brand-new tires. While this is a good idea, you might occasionally find yourself in a situation in which used tires are worthy of consideration, too. Used tires are generally less expensive than their newer counterparts, which can make sense if you're on a budget. However, there are more reasons to browse through the used models at your local tire shop than just doing so because your finances are tight. Read More …

Signs That Its Time For New Tires

6 August 2016
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The tires of your car are not designed to last forever. Each time you drive, the treads of your tires wear away a little more. For drivers who drive on bumpy roads or who regularly hit the sidewalk, tires can take a more severe beating and may require replacement even earlier than usual. Tires may also wear more or less quickly depending on the amount of tread present when the tires were first purchased. Read More …

Do You Need Special Tires For Driving Over The Rockies?

4 August 2016
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Most drivers in the United States rarely, if ever, need to break out the snow tires and chains on their daily commute. But if you have a long road trip planned that will take you across the Rocky Mountains, you may want to reconsider your tire choice before you go. While beautiful and heavily traveled, the Rockies can still be a perilous place, particularly during the colder months. These four steps will walk you through the process of deciding which tires you will need to safely make the journey. Read More …

3 Reasons To Get Custom Rims On Your Tires

30 May 2016
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Custom rims are not only attractive and let your vehicle stand out, they can have many benefits as well. Here are 3 reasons for you to get custom rims on your car's tires. Easy upgrade There are many ways to upgrade your vehicle so it has greater aesthetic appeal, such as redoing the interior, painting your vehicle, or even getting it custom-lifted. Rims are one of the most cost-effective and least time-consuming ways of giving your vehicle the upgrade you want. Read More …